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Macerata Feltria


In the heart of Montefeltro, in the centre of a verdant basin and on the border between the Marches, Romagna and Tuscany, stands Macerata Feltria, a village that enjoys a privileged position that offers glimpses and landscapes of great beauty. A land that was the dominion first of the Malatesta and then of the Montefeltro, the historic village preserves architectural beauties that are definitely worth a visit, such as the 18th-century Palazzo Antimi Clari, the 1932 "A. Battelli" Theatre, now restored and in operation, and the 19th-century Parish Church of St. Michael Archangel, inside which is a beautiful Crucifix painted on wood by Carlo da Camerino in 1396. But the protagonists of the village are the thermal baths, which exploit the properties of the natural springs Certalto and Apsa, from which beneficial sulphurous waters flow.

Macerata Feltria

61023 Macerata Feltria PU, Italia

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