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Mortirolo Pass


A paradise for two-wheelers

A dividing line between the Adda and Oglio, the Mortirolo Pass is an alpine pass linking Alta Val Camonica with Valtellina that opens onto a vast basin of meadows and forests, at an altitude of 1,800 metres above sea level, with some peaks reaching 3,000 metres. After having remained for many years a secondary mountain road, unpaved and named “Passo della Foppa”, the Mortirolo Pass came into the limelight starting in 1990, when it was included in the Giro d’Italia route, due to the very steep and constant gradients on its northern side, which makes it an attraction for all cycling enthusiasts. Not to be forgotten is the solo feat of a then up-and-coming Marco Pantani in 1994. A sculpture from 2006 placed at Piaz de l’acqua celebrates this memorable event. 

The Mortirolo climb from Mazzo, on the Valtellina side, is considered by many to be the most difficult in Europe, with 12.5 kilometres of extreme gradients, reaching up to 18%. From Grosio, the slopes are gentler and the road offers scenic views. From Tovo, however, the climb reaches gradients of 23% up to in the final stretch.

Mortirolo Pass

Passo del Mortirolo, 23030 Mazzo di Valtellina SO, Italia

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