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'Key of the Alps', this is the meaning of the name of this village (m 333, pop. 7300 approx.) located along the course of the Mera at the confluence of the Val Bregaglia and the Val San Giacomo. The living room of Chiavenna is via Dolzino and from here, a pleasant stroll will take you to admire the stately palaces, soapstone fountains, ancient churches such as the Collegiate Church of S. Lorenzo, and the old houses with loggias overlooking the river, which testify to the importance of its history and mercantile wealth. Also of interest is the Bottonera Mill, a rare example of industrial archaeology. At the eastern edge of the village, on a cliff, is the Parco del Paradiso, an archaeological and botanical garden. Nearby, a path leads to the Marmitte dei Giganti Park (a regionally protected area), with formations of glacial origin carved into the rock. The locality, which is particularly attentive to the issues of tourism and slow mobility and environmental sustainability , is crossed by the Valchiavenna cycle path, which was placed on the third step of the podium of the Italian Green Road Award 2022, the Italian Oscar for cycling tourism that rewards the 'green roads' of the Italian regions. Chiavenna is also famous for its characteristic 'crotti', natural cavities with a constant temperature used as cellars for seasoning wines and local products, often transformed into rustic taverns, and celebrated at the annual Sagra dei Crotti (early September). During the Sagra, but also at many other events and in general at the various points of sale in the area, it is possible to taste typical dishes such as pizzoccheri di Chiavenna and torta fioretto, and to buy some typical products such as Brìsaola e i violini; goat's cheese, Bitto and Casera cheeses.


23022 Chiavenna SO, Italia

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