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Varese Ligure


In the Alta Val di Vara lies the village of Varese Ligure, which has skilfully interwoven the threads of the past with those of the present, creating a coherent and fascinating tale of its identity. The centre of the village is a place where the traces of its medieval history stand out strongly: the heart of the village is the square surrounded by porticoes, which once housed the warehouses, and every detail is here perfectly preserved, a clear and limpid voice of what the village has been. But Varese Ligure was also one of the first areas in Italy to invest in the present, in authenticity and quality, obtaining the organic label for its meat and milk, while at the same time developing green solutions for the responsible use of energy. Surrounding this interweaving of history and future is nature: uncontaminated, almost wild, all to be discovered at the slow pace of walking.

Varese Ligure

19028 Varese Ligure SP, Italia

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