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Moneglia is a jewel sculpted by the sea. The village, elegant and welcoming, is enclosed between the blue of the sea and the shimmering green of the mountains, which together create a heavenly setting for one of the most beautiful villages on the Riviera. The atmosphere here is relaxed, pleasant, perfect for spending a few days getting lost among the ancient alleys and the wonders of the sea. Today, the medieval carrugio has been transformed into an elegant narrow street and cuts the old town in two, amid colourful little houses and precious carved slate portals. At the centre of it all, however, remains the sea. Here, the sea means an almost completely uncontaminated nature, pure to the point that it preserves a submerged world that is still alive and fascinating: on the seabed of Moneglia it is possible to encounter moray eels, conger eels and octopuses, but also starfish, sea anemones and gorgonians, colours and shapes that only the magic of the sea has been able to create over the millennia. And from the sea, you walk towards the mountains: there are several paths that connect the coast to the mountains, from the lapping of the waves to the enchanted silence of the woods.


16030 Moneglia GE, Italia

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