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Millesimo is a small village in the Alta Valbormida lying on the right bank of the Bormida River. Strolling through the historical centre, one can admire the elegant shapes of the oldest houses, until arriving at the heart of the town, where the castle and the Del Carretto palace are housed. The history of Millesimo, however, is kept in the Napoleonic Museum, located near the castle, where you can admire prints, maps, posters and notices from the Napoleonic era. History and beauty, then, but also nature: in fact, the village is pervaded by the scent of the surrounding woods, which make it a small pearl enclosed by a deep green mantle. And, in the cool of the woods, a treasure of flavour waits to be found... his majesty the truffle! In fact, Millesimo is the destination of expert truffle hunters who go in search of this prized product with its very special flavour, which has always graced local tables.


17017 Millesimo SV, Italia

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