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Monterosso al Mare


Monterosso al Mare: holiday in luxurious nature

Monterosso al Mare is the first stop to the Cinque Terre tour, this stretch of the Ligurian Riviera is included in the list of World Heritage sites by Unesco thanks to the respectful human interactions with its landscape, honouring it and its sublime beauty.

Monterosso village is the biggest of the 5 that make up the Cinque Terre. It is the only one to boast large and beautiful beaches that are easy to access.

Ideal for a family holiday enjoying the beauty of nature.


Fegina beach, a stunning beauty

The allure of the Cinque Terre is largely due to its rugged territory. In Monterosso, nature is uncontested. However, amongst the 5 villages of the coast, it is the only one to boast a wide, comfortable sandy beach, Fegina. Fegina beach is defined by Forbes magazine as “one of the 25 sexiest beaches in the world”.

Starting from the train station, it’s quite convenient to access, you just go down a few steps and find your spot in the sun. You can choose the free section or areas serviced by bathing establishments. In the maritime area of the Parco delle Cinque Terre the water is breathtakingly blue, as it is in a protected zone. The coast is made up of sand mixed with pebbles.

Children are at ease here so parents can relax on loungers. At the edge of the Fegina seafront you can also stop at the cliff by the Aurora tower.

Slightly further on there is the small beach, Spiaggia della Stazione, at the end of the promenade, which points towards Levante. You’ll see the giants’ beach, Spiaggia del Gigante: recognisable by the large 14 metre statue depicting the god Neptune that dominates it.

Immediately after the sailing club, it’s just a short wander to reach Portiglione beach.


In the footsteps of a great poet: Eugenio Montale

The poetry in I limoni e Punta del Mesco, (the lemon tree and the Cape of Mesco) from the Ossi di Seppia (cuttlefish bones) collection by the noted Italian poet and literary Nobel Prize winner Eugenio Montale, from Genoa is definitely worth a read. reading the verses you will invisage all the wonder of Monterosso al Mare. Its sounds and scents, the lyrical landscape denoted in his wording will captivate your senses. Montale spent his childhood holidays in the Liberty style family residence here.

Named Villa delle Due Palme, although he recalls it as Pagoda Giallognola. It stands on the first slopes of Mesco, along he Fegina coast. The Eugenio Montale Literary Park was inspired by it.

The house is now a private residence which offers accommodation in one section of it. You can admire it from the outside and also avail of one of the walks organised by the Literary Park Institution.

The colourful houses in the village, the monuments and the vegetation combine to offer views of a tantalising mixture of culture and nature.


Strolling in the village

It is a pleasure wandering down the carruggi, the small streets of the Ligurian towns. You’ll enjoy the stairways and squares in the old village, speciality food shops, focaccerie, bars and restaurants.

Take some time to visit the Church of San Giovanni Battista, its facade decorated with black and white stripes. The San Francesco Church with adjoining Capuchin Convent has precious paintings inside to view. From the outside you’ll find a magnificent view over the entire Cinque Terre coastline.


5 ideas for an unforgettable stay in Monterosso al Mare

Monterosso is the perfect starting point, or finishing point when visiting Cinque Terre.

The first recommendation would be to leave the car at Monterosso al Mare and get the train that follows the coastline. Comfortable, price efficient, eco friendly and you get to enjoy the fabulous views. Alternatively you could walk along the marked pathways.

A visit to the Santuario di Nostra Signora di Soviore in the hills would be highly recommended. You can stay there overnight and book a table in the restaurant. For those who would like to get there on foot, there is a lovely path leading there from the village. Staying in a farmhouse in the hills, immersed in silence and greenery would also be an excellent choice. Lastly you could go to the pier and plan a boat trip to enjoy the wonders of the Gulf of Poets.

Monterosso al Mare

19016 Monterosso al Mare SP, Italia


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