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5 Roman horseback rides

Horseback riding in and around Rome: 5 experiences not to be missed

Here are some suggestions for horseback rides for the family near Rome, among the natural wonders surrounding the capital.

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If you are looking for ideas for activities in contact with nature around Rome, why not explore Lazio's dream places on a wonderful steed?

The options for horse-riding trips near Rome cater for everyone: you can choose between a walk on the beach or an excursion by the lake, a trip to the Castelli Romani or, for a relaxing weekend with the whole family, relax in an agritourism with stables. Are you ready to be enchanted by the best that Lazio has to offer? Here are 5 ideas for a horse riding trip in and around Rome.

Horse riding on the beach for exhilarating scents

Horse riding on the beach at sunset

A few kilometres from Rome, you can experience a horseback ride on the beach. Along the Ostia coastline, you can enjoy the intoxicating scent of the holm oaks and maritime pines that populate the vast Castel Fusano pine forest.

The ride starts right from the Castel Fusano stables and ends with a gallop on the beach. A viable alternative for a horseback ride on the beach on the outskirts of the capital is the stables in the Circeo National Park. From there, riding through holm-oak and oak forests, you come to the beach of Sabaudia with its dunes to be discovered on the back of one of these docile animals.

Peaceful horseback riding on the lake

Lake Bolsena

How about a horseback ride on the lake, among Etruscan tombs and unspoilt nature on the outskirts of Rome? Beginners and experts alike can enjoy the experience of a horseback ride on Lake Bolsena along various routes through the woods of Tuscia to the shores of Europe's largest volcanic lake.

In the province of Rieti, meanwhile, the Cicolano mountains can be explored with a horseback ride to Lake Salto, a reservoir surrounded by nature trails. Excursions on horseback vary in duration based on the difficulty of the route and the visitor's experience.

Agritourism trips with horseback excursions in Lazio

Landscape of the Maremma between Tuscany and Lazio

Why limit yourself to a day trip when you can relax for a weekend in an agritourism with the option of horse riding? In the Maremma, a stone's throw from Tarquinia on the Tuscan border, the Casale Poggio Nebbia holiday farm is set to make your stay unforgettable with long horseback rides in the wild natural surroundings of the Farnesiana area, and trails that can be tackled over several days.

In the Cerveteri area there is an elegant agritourism with horseback riding among olive groves, vineyards and Etruscan tombs: it's the Borgo Dell'Aschetto, surrounded by greenery and equipped with a large outdoor swimming pool.

On horseback in the Veio Park

A stream in a wood in Italy

Just 40 minutes by car from Rome, the Campagnano di Roma riding school organises horseback rides in the Veio Park, a vast natural oasis to be discovered along 99 kilometres of paths through waterfalls, woods, pastures and necropolises.

The excursion lasts for 3 hours and passes particularly suggestive spots such as the Sacrofano forest, the ruins of Veio and the Cremera stream, but you can also choose a shorter ride in the nature surrounding the manège, ending with lunch or a picnic to make the day even more special.

Horseback riding in the Castelli Romani to plunge into history

Glimpse of a landscape in Italy

Why not explore the countryside of the Castelli Romani on horseback? In Frascati, a few kilometres from Rome, the San Marco Ranch riding school offers horseback rides in the Castelli Romani countryside on the outskirts of the town.

For an experience even more in contact with nature at the foot of the highest peaks of the Castelli Romani Park, you can enjoy relaxing rides at Pratoni del Vivaro, a plateau in the Colli Albani, characterised by green expanses and gentle hills. The excursions are suitable for beginners and experts, and the itinerary is decided at the time based on your horse-riding experience, so as to make every ride a special adventure.

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