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Lago del Salto


The largest artificial lake in Lazio

Created in 1940 by the barrage of the Salto river through a dam and the consequent submergence of the valley of the same name in Cicolano, Lago del Salto is the largest artificial lake in Lazio, in the province of Rieti. With its very elongated and jagged shape, it looks like a huge river or fjord that closely follows the narrow shape of the valley of the same name.

For its development, the settlements of Borgo San Pietro, Teglieto and Fiumata, hamlets of Petrella Salto, and Sant'Ippolito, a village in Fiamignano, were obliterated and rebuilt on the banks. A large plaque carved into the rock remembers the victims of the construction of the mighty concrete barrage over 90 metres high.

The entire Valle del Salto at the lake is covered by dense forests along the mountain slopes that abruptly thin out by the lake. In the villages of Fiumata and Borgo San Pietro you can find well equipped bathing beaches where you can rent parasols, deckchairs, pedal boats and canoes. In recent years, the basin has become an important focus for wakeboarders – some prestigious national and international competitions are held here – and for fishing tourism.  

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Lago del Salto

Lago del Salto, Provincia di Rieti, Italia

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