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When the people of Rome destroyed Tusculum in 1191, then a bastion of the powerful Tuscolan counts, the inhabitants sought refuge nearby, 'in frascata', or dwellings made of branches, around ancient churches. This is the origin of the name Frascati, which then became universally known through the white wine, now with its own DOC, and a habitual destination of Sunday trips from Rome to the Castelli, with a mandatory stop at the bar, in the shade of a pergola, with the sound of folk songs in the air. Less prosaic was the interest of those in the 16th and 17th centuries who considered the place a suitable setting for the construction of sumptuous villas, to rival those of Rome: Villa Aldobrandini is the most important, with an art museum set up in the stables.


00044 Frascati RM, Italia

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