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The jewel of Tuscia, among tuff houses and ancient churches

On the outskirts of Viterbo, Ronciglione climbs the slopes of the ancient volcanic crater of Vico, looming over a picturesque lake, amid forests of beech, oak and chestnut trees.

The dual personality of Ronciglione is evident from the moment you arrive in the city. On one side, on a large tuff-rock ridge, stands the ancient medieval village, which has survived the passage of centuries remarkably well, while the more modern area has developed on the other side.

We recommend starting in the historic centre, dominated by the large cathedral built in 1671 in honour of Saints Peter and Catherine. Among tuff-brick houses and monuments, you can admire the Church of Santa Maria della Provvidenza, the small Gothic Church of Sant’Andrea and the imposing Rocca castle that dates back to the early Middle Ages.

Throughout the year, Ronciglione hosts events that attract curious visitors from across Lazio and beyond. February marks the Carnival of Ronciglione, one of the oldest in central Italy, while the Palio di San Bartolomeo, a horse race without jockeys on a course that runs through the city streets, takes place on the feast day of the local patron saint.

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01037 Ronciglione, VT, Italy

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