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Monte Terminillo


“The Mountain of Rome”

The highest peak in the Monti Reatini Apennine range, Mount Terminillo is also known as “The Mountain of Rome”, due to its proximity to the Italian capital.

The 2,217-metre-high massif is a popular place all year round for hiking and trekking and an ideal destination for mountaineering and snowshoeing while boasting many ski slopes for all levels of difficulty in the winter months. You will find fun and adrenaline on the slopes with their varying degrees of steepness – perfect for snowboarding and freeriding. In addition, the beautiful trails of Monte Terminillo are also accessible by mountain bike or e-bike.

The massif has been known since antiquity and was mentioned by Virgil in the Aeneid. Monte Terminillo is one of the best-known symbols of the Sabina area and a constant presence along the so-called Via del Sale, the ancient Roman Via Salaria or salt road. It is characterised by its biodiversity and the range of habitats available, boasting EU-protected animal and plant species, and enchants visitors with its beech forests, rocky cliffs and unspoilt valleys.

Monte Terminillo

02010 Rieti, Province of Rieti, Italy

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