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Trevi in Lazio


 It is located in the upper Aniene valley, on the edge of the Monte Simbruini Regional Park, of which it is one of the gateways. This is an ancient town, as can be seen from the surrounding walls, which were rebuilt in the 15th century on Roman foundations. On the colossal remains of the ancient acropolis overlooking the village, stands the medieval Caetani fortress. The heart of the town is Piazza della Civita, from where you can wander through the cobbled alleyways of the medieval centre. Leaving the town and heading south along 5 km of winding road, you come to the Arcinazzo uplands, an expanse of undulating land that reaches an altitude of 800 m, and the starting point for many hikes and excursions.

Trevi in Lazio

03010 Trevi nel Lazio FR, Italia

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