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Castel San Pietro Romano


A panoramic balcony over the plain of Rome, it preserves intact its mediaeval structure, with alleys, cordonades and small squares that offer exciting glimpses of the Sacco River Valley and the Eternal City. Climbing the narrow streets that lead up to Rocca Colonna, a visit to the beautiful Baroque church of San Pietro and to Palazzo Mocci on the same square, an elegant 18th-century residence, is a must. And here is the Rocca on the acropolis, destroyed and rebuilt several times, theatre of battles between the Colonna family and the Pope, prison of Jacopo-ne da Todi and Corradino di Svevia. Access is through two city gates in the ring of walls. Among the 100 destinations of Italy since 2017, the village has hosted film sets for its particular atmosphere, perfect for Lollobrigida and De Sica in Pane amore e fantasia, from 1953, or for Ugo Tognazzi in Il Federale, from 1961. Among the delicacies not to be missed, the 'Giglietto' biscuit, a Slow Food presidium, is the king of the food and wine itinerary on the last Sunday of July.

Castel San Pietro Romano

00030 Castel San Pietro Romano RM, Italia

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