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Revenge of Icarus: hang-gliding

Hovering in the air, caressed by currents and the feeling of being suspended on beautiful italians landscapes and architectures.

Flying is one of the desires that has always accompanied mankind's evolutionary path. In mythology, <strong>Icarus</strong> made this dream come true, albeit with its well-known outcome. With the advent of the modern era, “flying” is no longer a gamble but synonymous with a means of transport - aeroplanes - for long distance travel. Returning to Icarus, hovering in the air, caressed by currents and the feeling of being suspended is an increasingly popular hobby. <strong>Hang-gliding</strong> can be experienced in many very different places throughout Italy taking in beautiful landscapes, nature and architecture. Like all outdoor disciplines, hang-gliding also offers different levels of skill whereby everyone can choose their best scenario for taking off at the right height - always with qualified instructors who ensure that the adventure is exciting and safe for everyone.

1. Veneto: flying over history

A treasure chest of history opening out to view from above, in a landscape sequence of villages, villas, historic houses, churches and hermitages: this is why - alongside the right air currents - the Grappa massif area in the Veneto is a destination for hang gliding schools from all over Europe.

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2. Emilia Romagna: fragrant landing

There are many places in the Apennines crossing Emilia Romagna where you can experience the thrill of flying. Green woods and valleys underneath you crossed by streams and rivers, as well as the profiles of some of Italy's most beautiful villages. And on landing, you may well catch the aromas of excellent local cuisine!

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3. Umbria: Spring in Castelluccio di Norcia

A short run, up and away - and one of the most enchanting scenarios nature has offer opens up beneath you: spring in full bloom around Castelluccio di Norcia, a pearl in Umbria famous for its lentils. The panorama of Piani and Monte Vettore below sets off a play of hills and small valleys.

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4. Molise: the realm of air currents

It is one of the many places that can be enjoyed all year round, although the best time for the Matese mountains is on beautiful spring and summer days when, exploiting the powerful updrafts this place is renowned for, experts can fly for many kilometres along the entire massif of this stretch of the Apennines, staying in the air for several hours.

5. Campania, in volo sui tesori di Paestum

Flying over pine forests and along the Sele Plain to the port of Agropoli, with incomparable views of the temples of Paestum. Treat yourself on a hang glider with an instructor to an unforgettable experience, especially for first-timers.

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