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The Dolomites: the centre stage of Italy

Many experiences to be enjoyed among the valleys and peaks of this UNESCO World Heritage Site

26 September 2022

2 minutes

They are so imposing that no one region alone can contain them: once known as the “pale mountains”, the Dolomites bring the Veneto, Trentino-Alto Adige and Friuli Venezia Giulia together. And it is along a journey through these three regions that we invite you to get to know the Dolomites at first hand, thanks to the many experiences to be enjoyed among the valleys and peaks of this UNESCO World Heritage Site. Concerts and performances at high altitude, in natural hollows and meadows reached along mountain paths for a festival that has by now become a tradition. A plunge into the crystal clear waters of the natural pools along the River Meduna or one or more safe driving lessons for motorcyclists over the hairpin bends of Cadore. For people who have enough time, one way to get close to the Dolomite habitat and the customs of everyone living hereabouts is to travel for more than 200 km over one of the High Altitude Treks winding through these white giants. Taking the time to do so on foot, to grasp all the different nuances and enjoy breath-taking views.

Veneto: an extra security

Veneto: an extra security

If you love mountains and are (or would like to be) a true biker, the enchanting scenery of Cadore offers you the chance to attend one of the safe driving courses teaching you how to tackle the bends and hairpins typical of every mountain route in full peace of mind. The appointment is every Saturday and Sunday: rev up your engine.

Friuli Venezia Giulia: the shapes of water

Friuli Venezia Giulia: the shapes of water

Set in one of the wildest natural scenarios of the Dolomites, the emerald pools along the River Meduna (in Tramonti di Sopra) are among the ten most beautiful swimming sites in Italy. Authentic natural pools carved by currents into the white rocks, with deep, crystal clear waters.

Trentino: music and culture in nature

Trentino: music and culture in nature

By now a traditional Italian summer appointment, Suoni delle Dolomiti is a festival of music and culture that does not have a stage but rather takes performances into hollows and meadows at the feet of mountain peaks. After the trek up to these high altitudes - often in the company of the performers themselves - you will enjoy the spectacle of art set within the spectacle of nature, where music plays with echoes and the breath of pure, fresh air.

South Tyrol: ten routes, infinite emotions


Taking even just one of the 10 High Treks in the Dolomites is an approach into geological eras of the past set in moon-like territory, as well as treating yourself to moments of pleasure, relaxation and culture. And all the more, a chance to experience all the warmth of local people.

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