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Campigna, the small Emilian town with a big green heart

Located between Florence and Forlì, a little higher up, immersed in one of the most interesting naturalistic parts of the Emilia Romagna region, Campigna is the smallest village in the Bidente Valley. Located on the border between Romagna and Tuscany.

Campigna is a perfect destination in all seasons, for nature lovers.

Whether during the summer, exploring the greenery and shaded areas going on walks discovering the local biodiversity or off horseback riding. In the autumn, to experience the beauty of when the colour of the leaves change to red-orange and gold, Campigna is an ideal location.

Walking in nature

The beating heart of the Natural Park of Casentinesi Forests Monte Falterona and Campigna, established in 1993. Here you'll find the first Italian integral Nature Reserve of Sasso Fratino, from 1959 and open only to scholars with prior authorization.

It is easy to understand that this is an area of ​​great naturalistic value, a real paradise for lovers of the mountains and of outdoor living.

The ideal starting point for excursions and walks in Campigna is from the Information Point of “La villetta” Park. From there, the Nature Trail starts through the fir trees and then the natural forest of beech trees, silver firs and mountain maples.

If you are in Campigna with your family do not miss the educational path "Where the trees touch the sky" along the Cullacce road and the highly accessible equipped path known as "the path for all… the senses".

With 600 km of trails, you can spend wonderful days walking in nature, while for those who love mountain biking, there are as many as 20 itineraries to juggle.

Passion for skiing

Campigna is also perfect in winter, with its ski resort that starts at an altitude of 1510 meters and goes up to 1650. An ideal place for both downhill and cross-country skiing and / or mountaineering. It is also fantastic for hiking and snowshoeing enthusiasts to enjoy the scenery through the white snow-covered trees.

Campigna for food lovers

After spending the day on the slopes, whether medium or strong difficulty, or on the bobsleigh and sled slopes, hunger will be calling.

To restore your strength, Campigna brings the right mix of Romagna and Tuscany to the table, with porcini mushrooms, tasty meats, and renowned cheeses.

Spa relaxation for everyone

For those who are looking to relax, Campigna also has three thermal spas nearby. In Bagno di Romagna the waters reach 45 °. You can indulge in a restorative bath outdoors with a glorious view of the snow capped mountain peaks.


47018 Campigna FC, Italia


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