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The village of Valvasone retains its medieval appearance intact, consisting of pretty alleyways and old houses with porticoes. The imposing castle, which dominates the square of the same name, preserves late Gothic and Renaissance frescoes and a precious 18th-century wooden theatre. The Cathedral of the Sacred Body of Christ, which owes its name to the relic of the miracle of the Sacred Tablecloth preserved in it, houses a monumental organ, the only example in Italy of 16th-century Venetian organ-making art, embellished by the stupendous artistic framework by Pordenone and Pomponio Amalteo. The Church of Saints Peter, Paul and Anthony Abbot, once a hospice that gave shelter to pilgrims and wayfarers, preserves valuable frescoes from the 16th century. Also fascinating is the cloister of the former Servite Convent, built in the 15th century and today partly rebuilt on the ancient foundations.


33098 Valvasone PN, Italia

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