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The village of Toppo, in the municipality of Travesio, preserves the remains of the medieval castle that dominated the plain and the village below. In 1220 eight "masi" (family-run rural houses) made up the village of Toppo and from Palazzo Toppo Wasserman, originally a "maso" (farmstead) that later developed into a noble residence in the 16th century, begins the itinerary to discover the original buildings of the village, very well-preserved stone "masi" (farmsteads). A 17th-century palace, the summer residence of the Counts of Spilimbergo, is visible in the square in front of the palace. A beautiful cycle path connects the village of Toppo to the main town of Travesio, which preserves one of the most significant testimonies of Friulian Renaissance painting. The ancient parish church of San Pietro houses two works by the Lombard stone-cutter Giovanni Antonio Pilacorte: the internal portal of the sacristy, dated 1484, Pilacorte's first known work in Friuli Venezia Giulia, and a baptismal font. But above all on the walls and in the choir vault are the splendid frescoes by Giovanni Antonio de Sacchis, known as Pordenone.


33090 Toppo PN, Italia

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