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Friuli Venezia Giulia

See and experience Friuli Venezia Giulia

We really should take new routes, forgetting for a moment what we already know about a place and rely on unusual, original and direct opportunities for more awareness.

15 July 2022

2 minutes

Every place deserves being better known and understood - something that only certain experiences can achieve, even when travelling for a couple of days. We really should take new routes, forgetting for a moment what we already know about a place and rely on unusual, original and direct opportunities for more awareness. Friuli Venezia Giulia, for example, offers many opportunities for direct contact with local communities, customs and traditions whose roots are lost in the mists of time. “Live like a local” is the slogan promoting excursions, tastings and experiences in vineyards or artisan shops to enjoy this region to the full and learn about its less well-known yet equally curious aspects. All this while surrounded by generous nature, with parks and protected areas where you can admire wonders of flora and fauna. Know, discover and enjoy yourself: Friuli offers its guests a new adventure every day.

1. No Limits Enjoyment

Whether you are explorers, adventurers, swimmers or bike enthusiasts, Friuli boasts infinite fitness possibilities in complete freedom set in large spaces between the sea and the Alps. And if you are looking for thrills, there is plenty of fun in store, with zip-lines, paragliders and bobsleigh tracks.

2. Farm Holidays 2.0

Farm holiday centres are by now fully integrated into Friuli's hospitality system: the entire region offers all kinds of solution, with an awareness of hospitality traditions to be defended while always looking to the future. The offering is expanding constantly in number and quality, in full respect for the environment while always enhancing comfort for guests.

3. Sun-kissed museum

Forget the idea that museums are enclosed places. Friuli is a widespread museum, where it has proved possible to make abstract features such as history, memory and identity more readily visible. This is because the very "eco-museum" concept sets local people at the heart of the matter, with the task of protecting and promoting the values of the local area.

4. Family-sized nature

An ideal destination for people who love nature, slow holidays and strong emotions: every corner of Friuli can become the setting for unique, adventurous and magical experiences. They can be lived with the whole family, on outdoor days, following the tracks of beautiful animals or in the many educational farms.

5. Experiences for everyone

For some time now, Friuli has paid close attention to overcoming obstacles and architectural barriers so that everyone can truly enjoy the beauty (and delicacies) of this region. Collaboration with the Regional Council of People with Disabilities and the Tetra-Paraplegics Association of Friuli Venezia Giulia saw the creation of “A Region for Everyone” - a project that today offers numerous outdoor experiences even for differently able people.

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