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Raveo, one of the smallest villages in Carnia, is nestled in a green and sunny basin that extends itself between the mountains of the Carnic Alps. Its territory has been settled since pre-Roman times, as demonstrated by recent archaeological excavations on Monte Sorantri, which revealed the existence of a Celtic village. Apparently, a castle also existed in the vicinity, but where it was located is unknown. Despite the fact that the 1976 earthquake compromised the original face of Raveo forever, there are still some noteworthy buildings that can be seen while strolling along the village's quiet streets. Beautiful for nature lovers is the Cladonde waterfall, set between the cracks in the mountain. Lastly, the Sanctuary of the Madonna di Raveo, built in 1619 and located halfway along the ancient cobbled road connecting the village to Valdie, is splendid. The municipality of Raveo is characterized by the presence of numerous craft workshops and is known for the production of typical biscuits: the 'Esse' of Raveo.


33029 Raveo UD, Italia

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