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Cordovado is a small jewel rich in history and valuable monuments, enriched by a splendid castle located within a medieval village, by the ancient Marian Sanctuary, a jewel of Baroque art, by an ancient parish church dating back to the 15th century, but also embellished by landscapes that harmoniously fit into a fascinating and primordial itinerary. This land was a poetic inspiration for great writers such as Ippolito Nievo and PierPaolo Pasolini. The toponym Cordovado designates a large agricultural complex (Curtis) located near the ford on an ancient branch of the Tagliamento river that the bishops of Concordia fortified in the 11th-12th centuries and chose the castle as the seat of their power. Since 2004 the Municipality of Cordovado has been one of the Most Beautiful Villages in Italy and since 1986 it has held a splendid Historical Re-enactment called the 'Palio dei Rioni' on the first Sunday of September.


33075 Cordovado PN, Italia

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