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Luci d'Artista


The city lights up with Italy’s most impressive artistic light displays

There are many Italian cities that decorate during the Christmas period and where the overwhelming joy of the festive spirit can be felt in every corner. Salerno, overlooking the large gulf of the Amalfi Coast, is no exception.

Every year, in a tradition that has been renewed for more than a decade, the city of Campania is coloured by its Luci d’Artista and becomes the scene of spectacular light displays designed by contemporary artists called upon to follow a theme that changes year to year. The itinerary starts in the Largo Campo area and goes all the way to Corso Vittorio Emanuele, amidst veritable lighting masterpieces that remain in operation until the end of January.

Salerno’s Luci d’Artista, one of the most elaborate and evocative in Italy, is joined every year by the traditional Christmas markets and Father Christmas’ House in Piazza Dante, as well as by various events throughout the Christmas season, from shows at the municipal theatre to concerts on New Year’s Eve.

Ordina per
Luci d'Artista

Corso Vittorio Emanuele, 205/195, 84122 Salerno SA, Italia

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