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In the centre of the Irno Valley, in an area inhabited since ancient times by Osci, Samnites, Lucanians, Greeks and Etruscans, Baronissi is a city in the province of Salerno.

Founded in recent times, by order of French general Joachim Murat in 1810, it was only granted the title of city in 2010.

Deeply damaged in the disastrous earthquake of 1980, it has since undergone significant demographic and building development.

Worth seeing are the Church of the Santissimo Salvatore, located on a hill in the hamlet of Saragnano, Villa Farina and the remains of a Roman villa, known as the "Catacombs".

Baronissi is also well-known for the Diecimare Natural Park, a WWF-managed oasis covering some 440 hectares.

Ordina per
84081 Baronissi, SA, Italy

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