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Postiglione is an Italian municipality of 2,122 inhabitants in the province of Salerno. It lies at the foot of the Alburni Mountains and its mountainous part is included in the Cilento, Vallo di Diano and Alburni National Park. The territory is mainly hilly, but climbs to mountainous altitudes until it includes the north-western ridges of the Alburni mountains: a series of reliefs frame the course of the Calore and Sele rivers. It has forests of considerable naturalistic importance, such as the Sant'Angelo forest, consisting of tall trees. The village is characterized by its historical centre of medieval layout, with an imposing castle and valuable religious architecture. Noteworthy are the monumental fountain of 1816, the Grandini fountain, an ancient washhouse made of local stone, and the Sant'Elia rock cave, located in the heart of the Alburni and at the centre of an ancient religious tradition.


Photo credit: Micheleamoruso.


84026 Postiglione SA, Italia

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