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A small village surrounded by vineyards in the Valle del Calore

Those visiting the small town of Luogosano on 7 December will find themselves before a magical spectacle: the ancient tradition of the Fuochi Allavorati. Bonfires are lit in different parts of the town in honour of the Virgin Mary, accompanied by prayer, singing and dancing around the fire.

Another particularly enchanting moment to discover Luogosano, a few kilometres from Avellino, is the Via Crucis Vivente, staged during the Easter period. The actual stations are anticipated by the reconstruction by the young people of the village of three events from the life of Christ: Jesus' arrival in Jerusalem, the Last Supper and the trial of Pilate in the village square. It is at the culmination of this third scene that the Via Crucis begins, an event that year after year attracts visitors from all over the province and beyond.

Luogosano, however, is a little gem to be discovered at any time of year. Meander through the alleyways of its historic centre to discover the history of the town through attractions like the ancient church of Santa Maria Maggiore and San Marcellino, the 18th-century chapel of Santa Maria del Carmine, the Renaissance tower and the noble Palazzo Venuti.

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83040 Luogosano AV, Italia

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