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Serra San Bruno


Built as an agglomeration of houses around the Charterhouse of Santo Stefano del Bosco, Serra San Bruno owes its origin to the coming of the monk Bruno of Cologne, founder of the CarthusianOrder, who built the first monastery in Italy and second in Europe after that of Grenoble, to devote himself to the search for God in silence and solitude.

Received as a gift from Count Ruggiero the Norman the region that is today geographically identified as the Serre Calabre plateau, the monk began his apostolate, which attracted numerous believers and craftsmen involved in the construction of the hermitage.

The terrible earthquake of 1783 destroyed the old village that has been rescued thanks to the presence of wood, granite and wrought iron craftsmen recalled over the centuries to Serra by the presence of the Charterhouse.

These masters of art were able to exploit the resources in which the area was rich - wood, iron and granite - to embellish the town's churches and palaces, which preserve, in fact, numerous testimonies to the glorious artistic past of this beautiful town.

A tourist, spiritual, artisan and agricultural centre located between Sila and Aspromonte, Serra San Bruno is surrounded by a thousand-year-old pine and fir forest which is a favourite destination for hikers, enthusiasts of trekking, of photography and those interested in exploring the nature of the local flora and fauna.

Carved granite portals, carved wooden loggias and wrought iron railings enrich the houses in the settlement. Strolling through the alleyways of the historical centre is theChurch of San Biagio, which has a beautiful façade in local granite and still preserves four beautiful statues from the ancient Carthusian Monastery in the nave. Also worth a visit is the church of Maria Santissima dei Sette Dolori, built in 1721, and the oldest church of San Giovanni.

The attractiveness of the Charterhouse has strongly influenced the gastronomic tradition of Serra San Bruno, enriching it with unique tastes and flavours.

Serra San Bruno

89822 Serra San Bruno VV, Italia

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