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Serrastretta is a mountain municipality that is crossed by the La Fiumarella stream and extends in the northern part of the province of Catanzaro, between the Contrò and Potilella mountains. Founded in 1383, the name of the municipality derives from the location of the original settlement, built in a very narrow gorge between two mountain ranges, known as Serre. Of particular interest is the Museum of Rural Civilisation in Serrastretta, a permanent exhibition that collects working and everyday tools, with original reconstructions of past activities. In particular, on display are carpentry tools for making chairs, one of the main arts of Serrastretta, still home to skilled craftsmen. Deserving special attention is the Bosco di Condrò, also known as the Faggeta, a Site of Community Interest of about 200 hectares. Among these imposing trees, the atmosphere is magical, as if immersed in a fairytale world. Inside the forest, one notices a large dark stone, known as Pietra dei Margari, once the hiding place of brigands. Among the local festivities, the traditional feast of Our Lady of Constantinople, held on the last Sunday of May, is very popular.


Serrastretta CZ, Italia

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