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Connecting with nature

In the heart of the Calabrian Aspromonte, Zervò is one of the region's main green oases. Located in the centre of Calabria, the Zervò park can be easily reached in just over an hour's drive from the city centre of Reggio Calabria. 

The park is characterised by pristine pine and beech forests, but it is not difficult to come across wonderful orchids as well. In the 1920s, a sanatorium was built in the centre of the reserve, later abandoned. In recent years, it has been renovated to now house a Recovery Community. 

In this green lung that stretches for several kilometres, there are numerous paths and itineraries where you can enjoy a variety of activities including sport, relaxation and nature. Here, in fact, you can go trekking, horse-riding, go out on a mountain bike but also arrive by camper van and much more.


89056 Zervò RC, Italia

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