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Cerzeto stands at about 500 m above sea level in the Crati valley, part of the Paolano Apennines, amid forests of ancient beech, oak and olive trees. The historic centre still has all the charm of a village from bygone days, with its long narrow streets, stone buildings, archways and wrought-iron balconies. The churches are certainly a highlight, particularly that of Saints Peter and Paul, with a beautiful polychrome marble altar, the church of St Nicholas, dedicated to the patron saint, and the Church of Our Lady of Good Counsel. Cerzeto is also home to the Albanian-speaking ethnic minority known as the Arberëshë, who settled in Calabria in the 15th century. The community's strong identity and traditions are cherished and kept alive by the local population (the women's beautiful traditional dress is an example), and can be seen in the Arberëshë Folk Museum.


87040 Cerzeto CS, Italia

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