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The origins of Cicala are shrouded in mystery: traces of a settlement dating back to the Neolithic age have been found, but the first evidence about the town dates back to the 17th century, when Carlo Gicala, a Catanzaro hero in many battles against the Turks, founded the town together with the nearby Carlopoli. Very little is actually known about Carlo Gicala, and it should not be ruled out either that he is just a character born of popular imagination. More likely, Cicala grew up around the convent of San Giuseppe (later named after the Immaculate Madonna), which served as a resting place for pilgrims on their way to the Abbey of Santa Maria del Corazzo. Perhaps, however, the origin of Cicala is to be put in relation to the phenomenon of Turkish invasions of marine areas, with the consequent abandonment of these by the population in favour of safer mountainous areas. In the characteristic historical centre, people can visit the Church of San Giacomo with valuable works of art from the Abbey of Corazzo and, between 10 and 15 August, an important craft fair is held. Among the typical products of Cicala is certainly the chestnut, thanks to the dense chestnut forest in its territory, worthily celebrated with a festival from 5 to 8 September each year.


88040 Cicala CZ, Italia

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