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Borgo Chianalea di Scilla


Here still hovers the ancient Homeric myth of Scylla, a monster with six dog heads, the nightmare of the sailors who sailed along this stretch of sea. Everything here is ancient history, legend and narrative, and words are interwoven with the enchanted beauty of the place. Chianalea di Scilla is a small village linked to the sea in every detail, a sea that can be breathed in everywhere, in the boats anchored at the "Scaro Alaggio" to shelter from the waves, in the houses that seem to come straight out of the water, in the rocks that emerge ruggedly from the waves, drawing a landscape of great charm. And above it all, like a very ancient and severe guardian, the Ruffo Castle, overhanging a rock that plunges into the sea, sentinel of the sea and its legends.

Borgo Chianalea di Scilla

Via Annunziata, 89058 Scilla RC, Italia

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