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Caccuri is one of the oldest towns in the Upper Croton area. According to some historians, its origins date back to the 6th century AD. Among the most significant monuments are the imposing medieval castle, which has been renovated several times and dominates the town with its cylindrical tower and ravelin, the Church of the Riforma or Santa Maria del Soccorso, formerly annexed to the 16th-century Dominican convent with wooden altars, Baroque ambo and 18th-century choir stalls, the chapel of the Congregation of SS. Rosario, with a valuable Baroque altar, and the 15th-century Church of Santa Maria delle Grazie, destroyed several times by fires and earthquakes and rebuilt several times. Also worth a visit is the old town centre with many houses that still bear witness to the building typology of past centuries.


88833 Caccuri KR, Italia

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