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From the village of Bova, in a panoramic position, you can see both the blue of the Ionian Sea and the green of theAspromonte mountains. You can get there by climbing up a narrow, winding road along the valley of the Sidèroni stream. We are in the heart of the area of Grecian culture, whose identity is maintained and valorised by the inhabitants.

The historical centre is dominated by the ruins of the Norman castle, to which various legends are linked, and on the fortress, the remains of a woman's footprint can still be seen, which, according to tradition, belonged to a Greek queen. Bova has a long history, traces of which can be found along the village streets. Worth a visit is the Museum of Paleontology and Natural Sciences of Aspromonte, also to learn more about the main points of the evolutionary history of the area, the cathedral with a Madonna and Child by Rinaldo Bonanno, the church of S. Leo and the Museum of the Greek-Calabra language "Gerhard Rohlfs". In a square in Bova, there is also a 054 locomotive of the 740 group, representing the emigration and progress that led to the depopulation of the small town, today it is a beautiful monument and a quirky place to take a photo souvenir.

To fully enjoy the lestopitta, a dough of flour and water, fried, it is eaten hot and stuffed with savoury or sweet fillings, maybe accompanied by the typical wine, IGT Palizzi.

Every year, the village holds a unique event: in the weeks before Palm Sunday, some local families get together and begin the production of the "Parme", wonderful female figures with woven olive leaves, flowers, first fruits and colourful ribbons. Workshops are open for school children and anyone who wants to have a go at weaving. On Palm Sunday, the handicrafts are carried in procession through the streets of the village.


89033 Bova RC, Italia

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