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Between Lucania and Calabria, on the slopes of Mount Coppolo on an extreme offshoot of the Pollino, the village of Valsinni has a long story to tell. The mountain that overlooks the town also combines its historical value with its naturalistic value: in fact it preserves the walls of what was the ancient Lagaria, which according to legend was founded by Epeus, builder of the famous Trojan Horse.

Not to be missed is the old village with its network of narrow streets often connected by the characteristic "gafio", a passageway covered by a vault, and the Mother Church dedicated to the Assumption. In a picturesque location on the sides of a rocky spur overlooking the Sinni gorge, the centre is dominated by the baronial castle of the Morra family, the town's main monument. Its appearance is Aragonese, but it had already been in existence in Lombard times; its walls in the first half of the 16th century housed a central figure in the life of this village: the poetess Isabella Morra. As the daughter of the local feudal lord, she led a tragic, short and unhappy life, during which, nevertheless, she managed to reach such lofty heights of poetry that she is considered one of the most original and authentic voices of 16th century female lyricism. The municipality is home to the "Isabella Morra" Literary Park, which holds numerous events and activities that use poetry as a key to understanding the area, with memorial journeys leading visitors to discover the specificities of the place. The Summer of Isabella is also organised in honour of the poetess, with poetic itineraries, theatre performances, exhibitions and culinary events.

The municipality falls within the PGI territory (Protected Geographical Indication) authorised to produce the famous Senise pepper, which together with cured meats and cheeses make up a tasty trio. Finally, typical sweets are calzoncelli made of flour, sugar and eggs, fried or baked and then filled.


75029 Valsinni MT, Italia

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