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Pietrapertosa is the highest municipality in Basilicata and is included in the Gallipoli Cognato and Piccole Dolomiti Lucane Regional Park. Stunning in terms of nature and landscape, so much so that it was included among the most beautiful villages in Italy, it is characterized by its unusually shaped rocks. Of Saracen origin, traces remain in the l'Arabata quarter, in the ruins of the tower and ancient fortress and in the castle carved into the rock. Pietrapertosa owes its fame not only to the extraordinarily beautiful landscape of the Little Lucanian Dolomites, but also to the Flight of the Angel: a steel cable that in little more than a minute allows you to literally fly, suspended more than 100 metres above the ground, at a speed of 120 km/h, to the town of Castelmezzano, enjoying a unique and breathtaking scenery.


85010 Pietrapertosa PZ, Italia

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