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The Murgia Materana Park


One of the most characteristic, rocky landscapes in Italy

The Regional Historical, Natural and Archaeological Park of the Rock Churches in the Materano region, known as the Murgia Regional Park, is one of the places where traces of human settlement dating back to prehistoric times have been found. Time has shaped the landscape by carving the soft rock into ravines, valleys and caves that were inhabited during the Paleolithic period, such as the famous Bat Cave. Remains of villages dating back to Neolithic times, such as those at Murgecchia, Murgia Timone and Trasanello, and at least 150 early medieval rock churches are visible within the park. You can admire a diverse, wild natural environment as you walk along the park’s paths, crossed by the Gravina river. The Park is home to 923 plant species, foxes, hares, porcupines, wild boars, reptiles and birds. Birdwatchers can observe the short-toed eagle, kite, lanner falcon and Egyptian vulture.

The Murgia Materana Park
75100 Matera, Province of Matera, Italy
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