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The present-day town, despite its recent expansion down the valley, has remained substantially perched on the rocky western slopes of Mount Morrone and has preserved its characteristic of being a lookout town of the Conca Peligna. Its position allows an almost total view of the entire valley below and the walls of the ancient castle - enclosure that stood majestically guarding the northern side of the Conca Peligna, characterized in its highest point by the soaring watchtower, are still visible. The pre-Roman fortification of Colle delle Fate, an archaeological site of great importance, and numerous other finds in the area, including substantial wall remains from the Roman era, testify to a very ancient settlement and frequentation of man, especially in the highlands. Roccacasale is mentioned in documents from the 12th century onwards, but it can already be assumed that one or more small settlements survived the Late Antique period, given its highly strategic position.


67030 Roccacasale AQ, Italia

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