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Pettorano Sul Gizio


Amidst the green of the woods and the soft heights of the mountains that guard it like a jewel to be protected, Pettorano sul Gizio rises in the midst of a landscape of great beauty, with the colours and atmospheres typical of inland Abruzzo. The history of its oldest centre is particular: devastated by an earthquake in 1706, it was entirely rebuilt and in fact its architecture is 18th century in style. The majestic Cantelmo Castle, which in the past was one of the most important garrisons in the area, remains from the medieval period. From its irregular layout, the castle emerges imposingly, with its watchtower that still seems to scan the horizon. Today, past and present come together here: the Castle is the venue for various art exhibitions.

Pettorano Sul Gizio

67034 Pettorano Sul Gizio AQ, Italia

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