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Village of Aielli

The village of Aielli, whose territory is part of the Velino-Sirente Regional Park, is a treasure chest of treasures waiting to be discovered. Perched on a rocky limestone spur, it is surrounded by two streams: this position, easily defensible from enemy attacks, has made it the ideal place to defend and observe the territory for centuries. The village is also rich in historical and artistic elements of great value, among which the imposing 14th century medieval tower known as the Torre delle Stelle (Tower of Stars) stands out. Today it is an important astronomical observatory also open to the public, which also houses the Museo del Cielo (Museum of the Sky) and a scientific library. To end on a high note, the local cuisine deserves a parenthesis. Aielli's typical products are strongly linked to the strong flavours of the Abruzzo tradition: wines, sausages, oils, cheeses and sweets tell of the close bond between the local community and the land.


67041 Aielli AQ, Italia

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