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Civitella del Tronto


In upper Abruzzo, very close to the territory of the Marches, rises Civitella del Tronto, which has always been a borderland and, in particular, was once a sentinel between the Kingdom of Naples and the Papal State. Perched on a hill from which the panorama sweeps from the Gran Sasso to the Adriatic Sea, it bears the evident signs of its having been born a fortress, a strategic military work. The Fortress, which dominates the territory, was built in several stages starting in the 16th century: after the Unification of Italy, it was dismantled and slowly fell into ruin until it was restored and recovered. The village below encloses several medieval and Renaissance buildings within its walls, overlooking the narrow alleys that criss-cross the town. Everything here harks back to past centuries: Civitella is a fascinating journey through time.

Civitella del Tronto

64010 Civitella del Tronto TE, Italia

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