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Village of stories, of fantasy, of literature: Collodi, a small hamlet in the municipality of Pescia, is known for the character created by the author who took its name. The village is perched on a hill and from there it looks down on its villa, with its splendid garden and Pinocchio park. Everything here tells of Carlo Lorenzini, who took the name of Carlo Collodi to pay homage to the village where his mother was born and where he spent his childhood: the heart of this literary identity is the park dedicated to Pinocchio, inaugurated in 1956, where his story is evoked through sculptures, mosaics and architecture by great Italian artists. Just outside the park, one can admire the world's tallest wooden Pinocchio, a work of art and craftsmanship that literally leaves one breathless. A place full of magic, Collodi, where you can become a child again and let yourself be lulled by fantasy.


Collodi LU, Italia

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