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Relax and wellness

A guide to wellness and detox treatments while on holiday on Italy's most beautiful volcanic islands

In Italy's extraordinarily diverse natural landscape, the striking volcanic islands are of particular note.

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Concentrated in the south of Italy, they are a visible sign of the tireless activity of the Earth, which has created these unique and extremely distinctive places in terms of shape and colour, and where the mouths of volcanoes are often still active.

Their incessant bubbling, which sometimes turns into spectacular eruptions, makes these corners of the Mediterranean truly perfect for a special holiday, also in the pursuit of wellness.

Indeed, thermal springs and volcanic muds are a special feature of these islands, particularly in the Aeolian Islands and on Pantelleria: here you can combine the relaxation of the sea, the freedom of boat trips, gourmet culinary experiences and relaxing or detoxifying wellness courses.

In short, if you want to regenerate, these are the detox body treatments to try this summer, and beyond, in the spas and resorts of Sicily's volcanic islands.

Pantelleria, from the Mursia Resort & SPA to the Specchio di Venere

Pantelleria, from the Mursia Resort & SPA to the Specchio di Venere

A 4-star resort by the sea where you can enjoy the boundless beauty of the Mediterranean Sea and all that the wonderful island of Pantelleria has to offer: this is the Mursia Resort, where the Ginger spa will take care of you. The treatments are rituals that draw on the nature of the place, and among the most interesting is certainly the Soul Experience, which leads to a state of deep relaxation thanks to essential oils and intense full-body massage, restoring a calm spirit.

While on Pantelleria, however, it is also fascinating to explore its wilder and more 'original' side. Although the last eruptions took place at the end of the 19th century, the activity of the volcanoes that make up the island can be sensed through the gushing of the hot, thermal waters, which can be found in some parts of the island.

The most famous, especially for its special beauty, is the Specchio di Venere (Venus's Mirror), a kind of lake where one can immerse oneself and experience incomparable well-being.

Hotel Signum in Salina, where you can find all the benefits of the sea

Hotel Signum in Salina, where you can find all the benefits of the sea

The Aeolian Islands, an archipelago in the north of Sicily in the province of Messina, are volcanic by definition. A popular destination also for its exclusivity, whichever one you choose you will be in the right place. In Salina you will find the boutique hotel Signum, an oasis of peace in the heart of beauty, where you can stay for the ultimate holiday.

In the spa, in addition to treatments and massages, there is a wonderful wellness area where you can experience the benefits of water on your skin. In the steam bath you can get rid of toxins and stress, aiding blood circulation, while in the hydrotherapy tubs, different temperatures and pressure stimulate the body. There is a hypothermal bath with sulphurous water rich in magnesium that is as relaxing as it is analgesic, as well as being soothing for dermatological conditions.

It is a truly complete wellness path thanks to the geothermal water basins with alternating temperatures and whirlpools. Devoting a few hours to this wellness path will quite literally make you feel brand new.

Vulcano and its beneficial mud baths

Vulcano and its beneficial mud baths

Vulcano needs no introduction: here the magmatic activity is always in turmoil and visiting this island means literally coming into contact with the mysterious and fascinating centre of the Earth.

This is where we can stumble upon the most beautiful natural thermal baths in Sicily and indulge in free treatments: there are small lakes, a symbol of volcanic activity, surrounded by walls of rocks where you can soak in the mud, let it work on your skin and then wash it off by plunging into the sea.

It is extremely beneficial, but if you wish, you can also choose areas where you can find only hot water with natural hydromassage thanks to the underwater fumaroles.

If, on the other hand, you are looking for complete and exclusive relaxation, then you absolutely must stay at the Therasia Resort, where the spa offers many treatments based on products from the island, both detoxifying and relaxing.

We highly recommend the Brezza Marina, which is very comprehensive as it includes a wide-ranging package of services: starting with a body scrub and a regenerating facial, followed by a relaxing, decontracting and deep-tissue massage ritual. All accompanied by the beneficial aroma of Sicilian citrus fruits, which will help you achieve a never-before experienced well-being.

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