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San Marco D'alunzio


Perched on the summit of Mount Castro from which the sea can be seen in the distance, surrounded by the Nebrodi Mountains where one can enjoy beautiful walks and trekking, we find San Marco D'Alunzio. The historical heart of the village are the remains of the Castle of San Marco, dating back to the 11th century, but worth noting is the very high number of churches: in fact, there are no less than 22, demonstrating the deep sense of spirituality that has always characterised this place. Among them, we would like to mention the Church of San Teodoro, which, with its beautiful frescoes but above all with the Byzantine-Norman Museum housed in the Benedictine monastery, recounts the period that made Sicily shine the most. Finally, a mention to the gastronomy, tasty and linked to the flavours of the land: typical is the San Marco salami, but also worth trying are the maccheroni al tegamino, homemade pasta and Sicilian sweets.

San Marco D'alunzio

98070 San Marco D'alunzio ME, Italia

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