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Geraci Siculo


Even at first glance, Geraci Siculo, a small village that stands on a slight rise from which the view is lost in a splendid panorama, tells of its past as a fortified citadel. Here the atmosphere is cordial and the hospitality authentic, characterised by a kindness of yesteryear. The village was one of the favourite residences of the Ventimiglia family, who left many artistic and cultural testimonies, including the Bevaio della SS. Trinità, an ancient drinking trough with two stone fountains, and the Castle. Today, all that remains of the latter are the ruins, but they allow one to perceive the grandeur of the ancient fortress: it is located on a hill that is difficult to reach, chosen precisely for its strategic position. Finally, suggestive is the Church of Sant'Anna: according to legend, the saint's skull was kept here, later transferred to Castelbuono.

Geraci Siculo

90010 Geraci Siculo PA, Italia

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