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The ancient Romans called the small town Volturnus, in honour of the divinity of the strong, hot wind known as Favonio. Enchanting panoramas of the Dauni Mountains and the Tavoliere can be admired from the village, at the entrance of which, to welcome visitors, is the Fontana Vecchia with its characteristic 19th-century portico structure housing a wash-house. It is pleasant to wander through the alleys and stairways of the historic centre, where the Chiesa Badiale of Santa Maria Assunta, the Church of San Domenico di Guzman, the Church of San Francesco and the Palazzo Baronale with its precious portal are all worth a visit. Interesting, from a naturalistic point of view, are Bosco Marano, Bosco Mezzana and Riconi Park. Nearby is the Sanctuary of Serritella, the only surviving building of the ancient Templar hamlet, and the evocative ruins of a tower, called the 'Devil's Chair' for the shape it has taken over the centuries.


71030 Volturino FG, Italia

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