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Volturara Appula


A small mountain village, Volturara Appula preserves elegant architecture in its historic centre, such as the 13th-century cathedral with a beautiful polychrome altar and paintings dedicated to Saints Peter and Paul, the bell tower and the 16th-century Palazzo Ducale-Caracciolo. But the heart of the town is its nature and its flavours: a perfect place for those who love excursions thanks to the precious natural treasure that surrounds it, it offers lovers of local food and wine an appointment with tradition that is repeated every year in October... this is the Fair of St. Luke, instituted in the 13th century by Frederick II who, as legend has it, was fond of eels, which are in fact the star dish of the event.

Volturara Appula

71030 Volturara Appula FG, Italia

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