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Faeto is the highest village in the Daunia hills, is located on the border between Puglia and Campania, on the slopes of Mount Chilone, surrounded by beech forests. Together with Celle di San Vito, it represents the only Franco-Provençal island in the region and the origins of its particular linguistic identity can be traced back to the 13th century, the era of Saracens and paladins, when a garrison of Provençal soldiers stopped in nearby Lucera, leaving a deep imprint on the local language as the legacy of this interweaving. The peculiarity of the local language is contrasted by the silence of the nature that guards the village: Faeto offers a 150-hectare forest of beeches, oaks, turkey oaks and broad-leaved trees, where, while strolling, one can come across splendid windmills.


71020 Faeto FG, Italia

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