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Cassano delle Murge


A village in the heart of the Bari hinterland, Cassano delle Murge is located in the embrace of a rich and verdant nature: in fact, it lies at the entrance to the Alta Murgia National Park, next to the majestic Mercadante Forest. It is a green city but also a city of great history, which has left its imposing traces in the defensive walls that still surround the historic centre, its narrow, winding alleys, small houses and courtyards. Near the town, on the other hand, stands the former Convent of Santa Maria degli Angeli, where legend has it that the Madonna appeared three times, next to a frescoed grotto: here, every year in May, the 'Madonn' d'basce' is celebrated, which literally means 'Madonna of down', a tradition of faith and ritual full of intensity and beauty.

Cassano delle Murge

70020 Cassano delle Murge BA, Italia

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