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It looks like a jewel enclosed within powerful walls, the village of Offida, which stands on a rocky spur carved out by the two branches of the Lama stream. Its past is still very present in the town's architecture, particularly in the medieval walls with their towers: of the fortress, however, only a section of wall and two cylindrical towers remain, residual traces of an ancient history. The soul of the village, however, is enclosed in a fascinating craft tradition, that of bobbin lace: a true art, bobbin lace in the village is dedicated to a museum, with a route designed for the visually impaired, located in the ancient De Castellotti - Paganelli palace, where the 'G. Allevi' archaeological museum, the 'Tradizioni Popolari' and the municipal art gallery are also located. Not to be missed is Santa Maria della Rocca, a Romanesque-Gothic temple standing on a cliff, inside which frescoes attributed to Vincenzo Pagani can be admired.


63073 Offida AP, Italia

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